Laut Aao Trisha

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Trisha recalls Kushaan

Kabir realises that Pratik is innocent and apologises to Amrita. Neha pretends to show her concern for Pratik to win his confidence. Meanwhile, Kushaan tortures Trisha, and strives to take her to a different location.

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Trisha recalls Kushaan playicon

Trisha recalls Kushaan

Telecast Date: 21/11/2014

Lavanya suspects about Kushaan playicon

Lavanya suspects about Kushaan

Telecast Date: 20/11/2014

Pratik's health deteriorates playicon

Pratik's health deteriorates

Telecast Date: 19/11/2014

Kabir arrests Pratik playicon

Kabir arrests Pratik

Telecast Date: 18/11/2014


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