The Adventures of Hatim

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Hatim kills Zelna

Jubair requests the people to lock him in the cage to avoid  his attacks. Hatim reaches Zelna's layer. Meanwhile, a werewolf kidnaps Hatim's friend, Kasim. Zelna attacks Hatim. The werewolf helps Kasim to steal Zelna's heart. Later, Hatim kills Zelna and releases the curse on Jubair. The king of Ishtihar stops Hatim and the people, but Hatim convinces him and helps the people to enter into the city. Hatim asks questions to a goddess.

Other videos

Hatim kills Queen Mundra playicon

Hatim kills Queen Mundra

Telecast Date: 20/07/2014

Hatim saves Sarjil from Surebo playicon

Hatim saves Sarjil from Surebo

Telecast Date: 19/07/2014

Hatim helps the Lilliputs playicon

Hatim helps the Lilliputs

Telecast Date: 13/07/2014

Hatim finds Ergan's treasure playicon

Hatim finds Ergan's treasure

Telecast Date: 12/07/2014


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